There will be a MANDATORY meeting Wednesday, December 10th (timing TBD). This verrrry important meeting is mandatory for EVERYONE going on the Telluride trip. Come to this meeting to discuss popular topics and important questions with your bus leader. There will be different meetings throughout the night, with each bus meeting together at once (once again we will tell which bus to come when we have times). So stay tuned and be ready for this meeting! Also, we will be giving away the Ski Club t-shirts there so there’s more incentive to come. 



Stop by at our bi-weekly meetings at 8pm every other Wednesday to learn more about events and talk with friends. Free Pizza!

Our first informational and MOST important meeting is Wednesday, September 10th, at MID-WAY. Come early for Free Pizza.

Second Information Meeting
The second ski club meeting will be on Wednesday, September 24th at 8pm. Free pizza will yet again be given to all of you beautiful souls who show up. The location will be on the second floor of Midway!!!!!!

There are multiple perks as to why you should come to our meetings:
Become a member
Learn about the winter trip
Learn about OSU Ski Club
Get your OSU Ski Club Membership Card
Meet the officers
Meet everyone else in the club
Hear about what else we have in store for you


More info will be available about membership, trips, and socials at our meetings.